Provider Credentialing & Enrollment

Are you a healthcare provider looking to establish a new practice? Or are you looking for ways to better manage your current practice? If either of these is true, call Prestigious Credentialing Services.

At Prestigious Credentialing Services, we offer healthcare providers comprehensive provider enrollment and medical credentialing services. We can help you if you are eligible for Medicare credentialing and Medicaid credentialing as well as enrollment for our other insurance providers. Our services are available to:

  • Individuals
  • Small Group Practices
  • Multi-Specialty Groups
  • Healthcare Facilities

Our services are available to any healthcare provider of any specialization. We have experience with credentialing and enrollment for:

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Allied Health
  • Behavioral Providers
  • Therapists
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Home Health
  • Credentialing Services

If you need help moving through the insurance credentialing process with one or more insurance providers, we can help. Prestigious Credentialing Services offers help with the following aspects of credentialing:

  • Application Evaluation
  • Primary Source
  • Documentation
  • Call Center Help
  • Following up with Payers
  • Data Entry
  • Maintenance of Data

Our services help healthcare providers get credentialed faster, which means you can start helping
patients sooner. Our services also help you ensure that your application and any following requirements are completed properly.

Enrollment Services

In order for insurance companies to process claims for your healthcare practice, you must enroll with them. This ensures that the insurance provider has the data needed to process claims properly, and in a timely manner. At Prestigious Credentialing Services, we can help you move through the enrollment process, including the following:

  • Verification of Information
  • Updating Practice Address
  • Enroll for Electronic Transactions
  • Monitor the Process

Without proper enrollment, you cannot file insurance claims for your patients. At Prestigious Credentialing Services, we make sure that you are properly enrolled, which saves you time, identifies potential problems, and resolves issues before they hurt your business.

Why Choose Prestigious Credentialing Services

Prestigious Credentialing Services is dedicated to helping healthcare providers with their credentialing and enrollment needs. Our goal is to provide top quality customer service to each client.

When you work with Prestigious Credentialing Services, you get the following benefits:

We work with our clients as part of their practice. Our specialists have training and experience that saves you time and money Our team of specialists knows what it takes to properly credential, re-credential, and enroll current or future healthcare practices. Having us on your side helps you focus on your patients and building your practice. Having our specialists on your side reduces risk. We help clients in all 50 states.

Find out how we can help your healthcare practice by contacting us today. You can reach us by telephone at 215-693-5935, or by email at