Hospital Privileging Services

After the credentialing process is complete you can begin the hospital privileging process. PCS  will manage, simplify and streamline the appointment application process.

  • Collecting and organizing official transcripts from educational and training organizations
  • Reaching out to professional education organizations to confirm certifications or continuing education credits
  • Contacting educational institutions to collect course syllabi to compare courses on a medical professional’s transcripts with requirements of a state’s licensure qualifications
  • Acquiring official test scores for certifications
  • Contacting past supervisors to verify supervision hours
  • Requesting department heads to provide a letter of confirmation if a course with no specific syllabi meets a state’s licensure requirements
  • Discussions alternative options with the licensure board if an applicant’s profile shows deficiency in any way (say a required course was omitted in the applicant’s schooling experience)
  • Registering for jurisprudence exams and getting access to study materials
  • Obtaining untampered records of formal complaints, personal issues, or other lapses in licensure
  • Following-up to push the licensure process through various review stages